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About Us

     M.T.R. Enterprises GmbH is the main European promotion outlet for the represented well-known specialty  tire manufacturers in China. With  the experienced experts in Hamburg office and  the hard working staff in China office, we can provide the professional support on our supplied tire application and also the quality controlling of all our shipped tires directly from the manufacturers.

In 2000,  MTR was established acting as the promotion office for Armour Brand Tires.

In 2003,  MTR started to represent Advance Brand Tires.

In 2004,  MTR started to supply MTR Brand and Richstar Brand Tires into OE market.

In 2005,  MTR set up China office and started representing Armpower Brand Tires.

In 2006,  MTR started to push the Advance Brand Tires into OE market successfully.

In 2007,  MTR started to supply the Tire Changers into European market

In 2008,  MTR started to promote Torch Brand Tires 

In 2009,  MTR starts to assemble implement Wheel and Tires in China etc……

In the past years, M.T.R. Enterprises GmbH keep investing the moulds and developing more sizes program to provide the market with the full size range of specialty tires from small industrial tires up to the Giant OTR tires. Our market is growing from after-sale market to the original equipment market. Our service has been expanding from selling tires only to more fields related to the tire industry as well as the promotion solutions providing. Our presence here in Hamburg has been extending the excellent fast reliable marketing & after-sale service directly from our represented brand of tires manufacturers to all our tire distributors all over Europe.

Our commitments to our selected distributors are:

   * Competitive stable pricing

   * Distribution area protecting

   * Technical enquiry supporting

   * Quality guarantee assuring

   * Delivery fast and timely

   And more……………..

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